In many of our locations, a nurse is on hand tanswer your questions and deliver various health care services. She can alshelp you monitor your chronic conditions.

Here are a few examples of the nursing services available in many Clinique Santé-affiliated pharmacies:

Blood pressure

  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Blood pressure follow-up (consultation)
  • ABPM (Blood pressure monitoring)


  • Glycemia measurement (blood glucose level)
  • Diabetes follow-up (consultation)


  • Cholesterol level measurement
  • Cholesterol level follow-up (consultation)

Anticoagulant therapy

  • Blood tests (for follow-up)

Mother and child services

  • Breastfeeding and postpartum follow-up
  • Growth curves


Blood sampling

Injections of prescription medications

Ear irrigation

Wound care

Evaluation of overall health

Nutrition and weight loss advice

Smoking cessation support

Bandaging and first aid

Ostomy services

The nursing services available vary from one location to the next. To learn more, consult the list of locations offering nursing services!