Clinique Santé-affiliated pharmacies collect used syringes and expired medications to ensure that they are disposed of safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Used syringes

If you require syringes and needles to inject your medications, you can ask your pharmacist for a safe container to discard these items once they have been used. When it is full, simply return it to the pharmacy. Your pharmacist will dispose of it in a safe manner.

Expired medications

All medications have an expiry date and are only effective for a given period of time. This date is posted on a drug by the company that manufactures it to guarantee its efficacy and safety.

For prescription medications, the relevant expiry date is the one posted on the label by the pharmacist. Drugs react to their environment and storage conditions and may alter over time. If you notice a change in shape, colour, texture or smell, don’t use them. Return them to your Clinique Santé-affiliated pharmacy. There, they will be destroyed in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Medications should never be thrown into the toilet or garbage, since this can contaminate the soil and water supply, causing environmental problems.

If you have used an expired medication, talk to your pharmacist. He can inform you of the possible consequences and give you advice.