• Because our banner is unique in that it fosters the full independence of its members, while offering professional services tailored to the needs of pharmacists.
  • Because our management style promotes the ongoing professional development and autonomy of its members, not to mention cooperation among pharmacists, suppliers and employees.
  • Because we give our members the possibility of developing their own business model and niche, while fully supporting them in the process.

A flexible business concept

In response to the needs of its highly distinct client groups, each store is strategically located, for instance, in medical clinics or residences for seniors. 

While the majority of Clinique Santé locations focus their development on pharmaceutical products, each member is completely free and independent regarding the business concept he wishes to institute.

Superior professional services

Clinique Santé gives you access to many relevant communication tools aimed at the general public, such as:

  • Health brochures
  • A health journal
  • A Website focused on professional services 
  • An accessible team of health professionals

In addition, Clinique Santé provides monthly professional development programs and a series of events created especially for the network’s pharmacists and technicians.

Well-structured business services

At Clinique Santé, our members can take advantage of a full range of services to promote the smooth operation of their sales locations. 

For this, we have the support of a strategic partner:

  • McKesson Canada: The main supplier of products, logistic services and healthcare information on the Canadian market.

Please feel free to contact us. We can discuss more in depth the many advantages of joining the Clinique Santé banner!

François Denis
Director of Retail Operations -
Clinique Santé
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Kevin Romanesky
Territory Manager
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Isabelle Daigle
Territory Manager
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Claudia Wagner
Territory Manager
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